SDSchedules is a web based, substitute teacher management system.

It offers...
  • A centralized method of managing teacher profile information.
  • A shared, real-time view of teacher availability.
  • The ability to quickly locate teachers, based on user defined search criteria.

By using current and accurate information, Schools and Teachers experience less hassle and save time.

3 Levels of Access
  1. Division administrators maintain teacher profiles so that schools no longer have to. This ensures that everyone works from the same information.
  2. School administrators can search and book teachers, to fill their staffing requirements. Schools also have access to a full “Contact” list of teachers and their profile details.
  3. Teachers can view their schedules, manage their personal calendars, and look-up important contact information.

No Technical Investment
SDSchedules is provided as a complete solution. No hardware or technical expertise is required.

No Software to Install
Accessible 24/7, schedule information is available from anywhere, anytime. All that’s required is an internet connection and a modern browser with javaScript and cookies enabled.

Fast Set-Up
New accounts receive personalized training and assistance during start-up. This ensures that new divisions are set-up properly and running as quickly as possible.

Fully Supported
Subscription includes hosting, maintenance, training, support, and common updates.

Built to Grow
SDSchedules is an evolving technology whose direction is headed by you. The people who use SDSchedules decide what new functionality will be added. Recent requests include items such as Automated Scheduling, Sub Pool Job Postings, Reports, Printable Calendars, etc…

If you would like a demonstration, or would like to discuss how SDSchedules can compliment your existing substitute teacher scheduling and management, submit the following form.

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